Information Flow Control for Secure Cloud Computing


Security concerns are widely seen as an obstacle to the adoption of cloud computing solutions. Information Flow Control (IFC) is a well understood Mandatory Access Control methodology. The earliest IFC models targeted security in a centralised environment, but decentralised forms of IFC have been designed and implemented, often within academic research projects. As a result, there is potential for decentralised IFC to achieve better cloud security than is available today. In this paper we describe the properties of cloud computing-Platform-as-a-Service clouds in particular-and review a range of IFC models and implementations to identify opportunities for using IFC within a cloud computing context. Since IFC security is linked to the data that it protects, both tenants and providers of cloud services can agree on security policy, in a manner that does not require them to understand and rely on the particulars of the cloud software stack in order to effect enforcement.

In Transactions on Network and System Management, SI Cloud Service Management, IEEE.