Twenty security considerations for cloud-supported Internet of Things


To realize the broad vision of pervasive computing, underpinned by the “Internet of Things” (IoT), it is essential to break down application and technology-based silos and support broad connectivity and data sharing; the cloud being a natural enabler. Work in IoT tends toward the subsystem, often focusing on particular technical concerns or application domains, before offloading data to the cloud. As such, there has been little regard given to the security, privacy, and personal safety risks that arise beyond these subsystems; i.e., from the wide-scale, cross-platform openness that cloud services bring to IoT. In this paper, we focus on security considerations for IoT from the perspectives of cloud tenants, end-users, and cloud providers, in the context of wide-scale IoT proliferation, working across the range of IoT technologies (be they things or entire IoT subsystems). Our contribution is to analyze the current state of cloud-supported IoT to make explicit the security considerations that require further work.

In Internet of Things Journal, IEEE.